Plant Replacement Project

The aim of the Plant Replacement Project is to provide plants, seedings, and replacement street trees to help coastal communities recover from damage by bushfires in Dec 2019-Jan 2020

Our secondary aim is to provide a way by which the senior and less physically-able members of our club, as well as Friends of Rotary, many of whom cannot undertake traditional activities, can contribute to community service projects, fundraising or community engagement.

Here is a video summarising the whole project:

Here is a link to an excellent Interview with Margaret McIver and Paulene Cairnduff by ABC Canberra's Adam Shirley.

Here is an article in Canberra City News.

The main benefits are:
1.  The plants and trees help fire-ravaged communities and families recover from physical and psychological damage that resulted from bushfires.
2.  The growing of the plant seedlings has provided a practical way for Weston Creek Rotarians and friends to do something tangible to help those in need after bushfire damage and trauma.
3.  This project is being undertaken during a period of COVID-19 home isolation and social-distancing. As such, it helps our members remain purposeful and collaborative even while they cannot meet in the usual way, and have additional stresses due to the heath care emergency.

Cobargo Folk Festival
Aftermath of the bushfires

4.   The project is building community and collaborative networks between the Rotary Club of Canberra-Weston Creek and the Rotary Club of Bega, as well as the fire-damaged town of Cobargo in NSW.
5.  By purchasing street trees from a local nursery vendor, we aim to help a local business recover and remain viable.



Rotarians and their friends from Weston Creek prepare to give plants to Cobargo


Another later phase of the Plant Replacement Project will provide street trees when Cobargo’s re-building and infrastructure is nearing completion.
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Our Achievements

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trees planted
partner towns
  • Help in the recovery
  • Get hands on growing plants
  • Become part of a team
  • Help the local community
  • Flexible commitment
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