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Our mission is to help encourage and foster a vibrant local community through great volunteer run projects.

What Is Rotary
Make a Difference

Why Volunteer With Us?

We are a group of Canberra locals who are committed to making a difference in their community. Our club provides ample opportunities for each member or volunteer to participate in a way that fits with his/her other obligations while still enabling them to make a meaningful contribution.

  • Do good for others and the community
  • Volunteering increases self-confidence
  • Make a difference to the lives of others
  • Feel valued and part of a team
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Our Values

Committed To Making a Difference

We are about providing people the opportunities to build a better community.

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How You Can Help

Get involved with one of our community projects.

Join as a member and become part of a growing and vibrant community of like minded people looking to make a difference.

Get in contact with us and make a recommendation about how we can help you and the community become a better place.

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Regular People Dedicated to Service

We are a new type of Rotary club. We spend less time in meetings and more time making an impact.

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Frequently Asked

Can I get a qualification or an award?
Can I volunteer full-time and get living expenses?
Can I volunteer together with my family or friends?
Do I need qualifications?
How much time do I need to volunteer?
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